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Cleaning Tips To Maximize Curb Appeal

Posted: May 29, 2020 by Coldwell Banker Island Properties

Whether you are planning to sell your home this summer or just want a fresh home feel, below are some of our best practices for tidying up around the house to maximize curb appeal. 

Deep Scrub
Roll up your sleeves and strap up the knee pads, it's time to clean your vents, baseboards and ceiling fans. Next you're going to need to take out everything from your cabinets and drawers to wipe them down and reorganize. To help avoid clutter and a tangled web of hair ties, cords and the likes us drawer inserts.

Organize Your Space
Take a page out of Marie Kondo's playbook to clean out and organize your closets. Next move on to your entryway by cleaning your doormats, organize your shoes and hang up any jackets or reusable bags that may be starting to pile up.

Freshen Up Your Walls
Now is a great time to tackle the painting project you've put off for so long. While you are at it swap out any photos or frames. Not handy with a paint brush? No worries, a Mr. Clean magic eraser is great for removing any scuffs or marks.

Let there be Light
Lighting can make or break the coziness of a home. Consider replacing your light bulbs with energy efficient LED, clean your lamp shades, and wash your curtains and blinds. For a fun and modern approach to lighting get yourself some smart bulbs that can change color and can be set to create any mood through your smart phone or smart device like Alexa.

Scrub the Kitchen
A clean kitchen can have a huge impact on the feeling of a home. When you organize your refrigerator less food will spoil and deciding on your next meal will be even easier. If you have a stinky item in your fridge, baking soda is known to eliminate any odors. Moving on, get some degreaser like 409 and go crazy cleaning the stove top, under any hood vents and the microwave. Don't forget about the pantry and the drawers.

Put Your Green Thumb to Work
Less can sometimes be more when it comes to the yard. Sweep your deck and lanais. Scrub your outdoor furniture and refinish any damage caused by sun or water. Consider a deep pulling of invasive weeds and dead plants. A fresh ground cover can make the difference in the feeling a yard has.

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